Learn How To Write An Essay With These Simple Tips

Writing of essays is a collective activity, and it is being done in every institution of higher learning. You cannot avoid this as a learner under whatever cost. At some point, it is included within the examinable procedure, so it is simply unavoidable.

But do we understand what writing an essay is all about and how many can confidently say they know how to write an essay? To learn how to write an essay is not a walk in the park and many students are always faced with the dilemma of how to go about it. It is even worse if you don’t understand a thing about essays. What does this mean? There is a lot to gather before you confidently embark on the writing part. By the way, you need to be sober so as to focus depending on the type of the essay you intend to write.

What Shows That You Know To Write an Essay

Every learner is expected to write a good essay. It is, therefore, important that we understand what a good article entails for you to claim you can write one. To just put it, an excellent article is defined by the following characteristics:

  • Attention to detail. As a writer, you are required to pick on one main topic and focus on it exclusively. Your idea should not be so broad that would make you lose focus when writing. On the other hand, let it not be so narrow such that you would be faced with challenges when developing it. Make it very informal and clear to explore.
  • Development. How you develop your essay will easily define your understanding of how to write an essay. Development means that you can support your writing with personal experience, arguments or facts. There must be evidence of everything you claim to be.
  • Audience Responsiveness. A good writer is well aware that their essay must meet the audience’s needs. You must come to the level of an audience. Let it be simple, easy to comprehend and with the proper tone. Besides you must be sensitive to your audience’s religion, sexuality, race, and gender. Don’t just make assumptions.
  • Organization and accuracy. Your essay must be organized into proper paragraphs with a particular focus on each of them. The paragraphs should also be in some sequence where intelligent use of keywords, phrases and transitions is expressed. Ensure there is the correct use of grammar, spelling, sentence agreement as well as proper punctuation.
  • Citations. When you claim that you know how to write an essay, do you understand the meaning of citations? Do you know you must be able to produce the source of your evidence in support of your arguments? These are very vital part of any essay writing task.


There are many types of essays that are written differently depending on what you want to achieve. Here is a fundamental guide on how to write an essay.

  • Once you select a topic, chose a central idea that you will focus on. Ensure you include all the parts an essay should have; introduction, body and summary paragraphs.
  • Have a clear outline thesis statement. Your ideas should be well linked to give your essay structure and to help with essay writing idea.
  • As you develop your body paragraphs make sure to give detailed information and finish up with the summary that can have a future prediction of what you were discussing in the essay.