Outlining a Persuasive Essay

No matter how convincing you might think your set of arguments are, if you presented them in a cluttered fashion, your papers might just end up either in the mental or literal shredding machine of your readers. In fact, given two types of persuasive essays, one logical yet cluttered and another one that is less rational but organized and even entertaining, the latter is more likely to succeed in persuading its readers. Some people have a tendency to organize a set of arguments into a list and you can take advantage of this tendency by preparing your own persuasive essay outline beforehand.

By having a persuasive essay outline as a basis for your writings, you’d be able not just to create a more fluid argument but you’d also have an easy time in revising your work, which will now be mostly just about typographical errors.

This might be too obvious that it becomes ridiculous; the first step in preparing your persuasive essay outline is to identify your topic of persuasion. Not just know the words, but to understand each word that makes up for that topic. If you have the time to search on the internet, you may use Google to find out what the common ideas regarding your topic. By identifying what kind of topic you are about to use, you’ll be able to see whatever prejudices or logical obstacles you are about to confront in making your persuasive essay outline, if there are any.

If you find that there is a prevailing idea that serves like an anti-thesis against your topic. The first part of your persuasive essay outline is not supposed to be the attack against the anti-thesis. To make your essay look more neutral, the first step is to present the circumstances that lead to the necessity of the creation of that anti-thesis. After presenting those circumstances, you now have to present the anti-thesis not just with its disadvantages but also with its advantages.

Now, examine your incomplete persuasive essay outline and take a careful look at the advantages of the anti-thesis. Examine them well because you will need them to strengthen your essay’s thesis. You will do this by looking at the loopholes along the advantages that you have listed in the outline. If you can’t seem to find any loophole in an argument and that argument is too strong, you might be forced to omit it.

After that, present your thesis in the persuasive essay outline and set them in an orderly fashion. Bring first the arguments that build up the case for your thesis; you must save the loopholes in the advantages for last. Finally, you should present in your persuasive essay outline how your thesis provides an excellent alternative against those loopholes.